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Afghan Kazak Collection Rug 5'10''x8'0''


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      The Kazak rug design originates in the Caucus mountain region that lies between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. In a region of mixed ethnicity, Armenians, Georgians, and nomadic Turkic tribes came together to weave these exquisite pieces. Now woven across the Caspian by Afghan weavers who have adopted the designs, colors and techniques of the originals.

      By keeping the pile hight low, and stone-washing the trimmed pile, the modern day Kazak rug achieves an antique look, rich with nuanced color variability. While the majority of Kazak rugs are woven in a balance of rich reds, navy and ivory, you'll find greens, blues and golds among the accent colors, and at times as base color.

      We refer to these as "tribal" rugs, as they carry geometric patters of varying scales: usually bold hard edged angular motifs in repetition, or at times one to three medallions with smaller motifs scattered around. You can also notice an extra attention to border details, as the Kazak rug tends to have multiple layers of border design, givin a rich frame to the central artwork. A tightly hand-woven selvedge and fringe are trademarks of these rugs, often times you'll find braided ends and other ornate treatments.

      Quality afghan high-mountain wool and vegetable dyes round out the quality of these pieces. We've found the Kazak to be one of the most versatile and popular designs, as well as one of the best quality to value ratios of any hand-made rug available today. An addition to your home which will last for generations.

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