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A full array of cleaning and repair services


Your old rug will be looking like new in no-time. We use a rigorous cleaning process, with mild detergents, to make even the oldest pieces shine.


Worn medallions, torn edges, ripped fringes are not a concern. We'll fix your rug up to be like the day you fell in love with it.


Moved a rug to a new room and it no longer fits? We can cut and sew your rug down to size so you can continue to enjoy your cherished piece.


No place to put your old rug? We'll help you turn it into pillows, runners, or assist in donating it to charitable organizations.


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We welcome you to bring your rugs into our Montrose, CA location for cleaning. We also have a pickup service, and you can call us at 818-330-9977 to arrange for pickup and delivery. Standard cleaning is a flat fee based on the size of your rug, while stain removal will be quoted separately upon inspection. 

Turnaround times for standard cleaning are around 7 days.

Repairs are specific to each and every rug, and will be appraised by our repair team. Rugs for repairs need to be dropped off at our showroom, but in certain circumstances can be picked up for a fee. 

Turnaround times for repairs are dependent on the extent of repairs, and will be quoted along with repair costs before we begin servicing your rug.

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