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Farahan Collection Rug 2'1''x8'1''


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      The Farahan rug comes from the Western region of Persia/Iran. While the region is known for tribal geometric patterns, the Farahan rugs were designed for the local aristocrats, and therefore took a more intricate curvilinear nature to please the wealthy clientele with a local design that competed with "city rugs". The original Farahan rugs were even displayed as works of art in Vienna in the 1870's, and were among the original rugs to inspire Europeans to seek out hand-made rugs from the East, they are some of the most sought after pieces by collectors.

      You can see the inspirations of both Sarouk and Tabriz area rugs in the finer Farahan designs, and it is this fusion of different regions that make them special.

      Our recreations take these pieces as inspiration: high quality wool, fine craftsmanship, extremely high knot counts. They incorporate the dense overall pattern, notably the curling leaf and Herati blossoms, but also other unique inspired motifs, variations, and sometimes medallions like you would see in a Tabriz rug. You'll find an exceptional delicateness of design, and a balance of pattern across the rug. The weave is usually 200 knots per inch or higher, giving a 9' x 12' rug over 3,000,000 individually hand-tied knots. Our Indian weavers are hand-picked for their ability to weave at this level of intricacy, and are on par with the master Persian weavers that originally created the Farahan rugs.

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