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Hereke Collection Rug 9'0''x11'10''


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      This Hereke rug is an authentic re-creation of an antique original from the historic Hereke region of Anatolia. Hand-knotted with luxurious wool and viscose highlights, it is hand-made in India. Using the highest quality blend of wools, batch dyed under the watchful eye of expert dyemasters, the fine yarn is hand-knotted at 200 knots per square inch. A 5' x 8' rug has over a million individually tied knots, while an 8' x 10' has over 2 million individually tied knots.

      This design was revered by Sultans of the Ottoman empire, and the town of Hereke was commissioned with making these rugs in the 19th century. In contrast to the lower knot-count, looser designs and tribal motifs of other Anatolian weaving centers, the Hereke rug mimics the intense detail of quality Persian rugs with it's extremely high knot-count and multitude of floral patterns throughout the field. These designs were made for palaces.

      Our recreations take these pieces as inspiration: high quality wool, fine craftsmanship, extremely high knot counts. They incorporate the same exacting quality, density, and designs as the originals. Our weavers are hand-picked for their ability to weave at this level of intricacy, and are on par with the masters that originally created the Hereke rugs.

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