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Felt & Rubber Non-Slip Rug Pad

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      A high performance rug pad with strong gripping power, recommended for preventing rugs from slipping in high traffic areas. This pad combines a layer of felt with a solid rubber backing. A coarse felt upper layer is designed to grab and hold the bottom of your rug to prevent rug shifting, bunching & buckling. A solid rubber backing keeps your rug firmly anchored to the floor while offering more floor coverage over traditional waffle styled rug pads. 

      This 1/8" profile is great for general use, giving you an extra level of cushioning underfoot. For extra thick rugs or narrow door clearance, choose the thinner 1/16" profile.

      Round up width and length of your rug to the nearest foot, and we will cut the pad to size. Include your rug dimensions at checkout.

      (Pad will be 1" short on all sides to allow your rug to lie flat)

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    • Variant: 2'6 / 5' / 1/8"
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