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Maze Rug in Natural Wool Limited Edition


  • Product Description

      • From the designers at Floorplan Rugs, this beautiful hand-made rug was designed exclusively for the RugYourCity New York Collection, a collaboration between Floorplan Rugs and international artists, architects and designers.
      • “Not all those who wander are lost." Despite its incredible grid system, any New York transplant can tell you how their first days, months, even years are spent exploring and indulging in all the sensory riches the city has to offer. It's not a maze in the sense that we want to escape; it's a maze in the sense that there's always a new corner to explore.

      • Silvia Almonacid is the designer of "Maze." Based in Spain, she is a graphic designer who loves turning things around and traveling around the world.

      • Maze is a mixed texture rug, with a woven knit-like background, and hand-knotted pile foreground. It is made in 100% natural, un-dyed wool.

      • Each size is a limited edition of 10 pieces, and will arrive with a certificate of authenticity. Our in-stock sizes will ship on order, or be made to order. If the size you want is listed as sold-out, we may have reached the limited edition of 10 pieces for that size and will not be producing any new pieces. Production times are 4 months for out-of-stock pieces. Please confirm stock status before placing your order, if you are expecting an in-stock item.
  • Product Details

    • Variant: 3x5
    • SKU: RY03NNX3A
    • Product Type: Rug