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Underlying Fabric Wool Rug limited edition


  • Product Description

        • From the creators at Floorplan Rugs, this beautiful hand-knotted rug was designed exclusively for the RugYourCity Los Angeles Collection. Floorplan Rugs uses Rug Your City as a platform to engage selected design professionals to imagine certain cities as rug designs.

          This rug is available made to order, and will be delivered in 4-5 months.

        • The “Underlying Fabric” rug was designed by the creative team of Jordan Trachtenberg + Joshua Freese. Their design statement reads: " The variety of environments and cultures in Los Angeles are connected by and reflected in the vast network of roadways and neighborhoods interwoven into the landscape. This combination creates a unique and diverse urban mosaic of social, ethnic and cultural groups woven into a vast array of natural surroundings from the lapping shores of the Pacific in Venice Beach to the heights of Mt. San Antonio. This complex diversity is the fabric and character of Los Angeles inspiring a vibrant mosaic both orderly and chaotic, the city’s texture is expressed in our composition Underlying Fabric."

        • Underlying Fabric is a finely Hand-Knotted Rug. It has a pile of Wool fibers, knotted on a cotton foundation. A beautiful Contemporary design in a Borderless pattern. Made in India, the dominant colors are Blue, Green and Coral.

    • Product Details

      • Variant: 5'x8'
      • SKU: RY09P1G5A
      • Product Type: Rug